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Along the Darwinian path

My affair with photography goes a long way back. A camera of some kind has always been near my hand, and I hope this won’t ever change. Not that it was anything serious back then; just the usual habit of taking snapshots whenever I felt like it. But then, in 2007 things have changed.

I attended a diving course and got totally blown away by the enchanted world I found underwater. I was thrilled and tried to show my friends all the wonders I got to experience; soon there was I with my first waterproof camera. It was good enough for learning to face the challenges of underwater photography but, of course, not much else. But the urge just did not go away, so I soon got myself my first underwater housing for my land DSLR.

This marked the beginning of my endeavour in nature photography: slowly emerging from the abyss to mountain ranges – literally. My photographic diet of coral gardens, critters and wrecks slowly gave way to birds and landscapes. Nowadays my main focus is on the latter, my favourite subjects are birds and landscapes.

The urge to share the wonders I experience is still yet to fade: from the Papua jungles to the Northern lights way above the Arctic circle, I try to grab the magic and bring it home for my viewers to enjoy. Some of these moments are on these pages, I hope you will have a good time finding them!