Awarded and Commended at various festivals around the World:

DRone AWards/SIena Photography Awards, Italy

Budapest International Foto Awards, Hungary

Px3 Photographic Awards, France

Cadíz PhotoNature, Spain

AVES Bird Picture Competition Emotion'Ailes, Belgium

British Wildlife Photography Awards, Great Britain

Golden Turtle Photography Festival, Russia

Naturart WPOTY, Hungary

NARAVA Festival, Slovenia

London UPOTY, UK

Sajtófotó, Hungary

Festival de l'Oiseau, France

XX. MontPhoto, Spain

Submarine UW competition, Hungary

X., XIII Hungarian UW Festival, Hungary

Underwater Images festival, USA

Beneath the Sea festival, USA


Windland Rice NBP , USA


World Photography Gala Awards, USA

International Photo Awards, USA

CIWEM Enviromental POTY, UK

Golden Dolphin Festival, Russia

PAF Tachov, Czech Republic

Memorial Maire Louisa, Spain

Asferico, Italy

Oasis Photo Contest, Italy

Marmara Underwater Festival, Turkey